Lander Corporate

Design & Development

Lander’s engineering excellence is centred on class-leading design and predictive analysis capabilities.

With dedicated product design engineers and applications engineering support, we work closely with customers to identify and develop the best possible engineering solutions for each project.

To ensure the feasibility and efficiency of our solutions we provide frequency and modal analysis, forced response, and fatigue analysis, offering Catia, NX Unigraphics, LEAP and 2D drawing CAD support.

We also work with our customers to develop their products with support ranging from design for manufacturing recommendations to full service support for development and testing of design concepts. Our Design, Applications Engineering and Program Management teams work closely together to deliver against our customer requirements.


State of the art facilities allow Lander to create working prototypes of even the most intricate and complex of designs.

Coupled with our design capabilities, the speed and accuracy with which we can produce pre-production prototypes allows us to remain completely flexible, refining solutions to meet customer needs in their entirety.

Our dedicated prototyping team can turn a concept into reality in a small time frame.


Operational excellence at Lander is achieved via a unique combination of world class best practice, by utilising Lean manufacturing principles to reduce waste and 6- Sigma tools to minimise variability.

Through fully automated robot cells and flexible manpower lines, we are able to achieve best in class Quality, Cost and Delivery, regardless of a project’s complexity or volume. To manage this system we employ rigorous process discipline that, in addition to a dedicated support network, provides the flexibility and responsiveness necessary to exceed customer expectations.

With a culture of continuous improvement at the heart of everything we do, we follow simple Plan-Do-Check-Action rules in all of our activities and with deeply embedded Lean tools we create the Lander Way.

We are also planning to expand our global capabilities in the near future with a future plant in Slovakia and plans for future presence in China.

Project Management & Support

Lander pride ourselves on being more than just a supplier to our customers, we are committed to developing long term partnership relationships with both our customers and suppliers. As part of this commitment, we assign dedicated professional programme managers and cross-functional project management teams who meet on a daily basis to support project launches.

This approach enables us to ensure solutions are always delivered on time and on budget. This support network and emphasis on relationships is at the core of Lander’s adaptive engineering solutions.

Our rigorous traffic light based project management system encompasses a program from quotation phase through to the start of production plus 90 days.




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