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Lander have been recruiting apprentices year on year for 40 years.Generally, apprenticeships had been limited to Engineering, Technical and Maintenance, but from 2015 the business made a conscious decision to recruit apprentices into other areas of the business, including Sales, Purchasing and Logistics.

Our focus is to ‘Grow our Own’ through a large-scale Apprenticeship Programme which began in 2016.

Every 8 weeks we recruit 15 apprentices and we currently have 52 on site. So far since July 2016 we have recruited 89 apprentices. Our aim is to recruit another 120 over the next 18 months. This has meant there will be an equivalent increase in apprentices on site of 400%.


Lander invests heavily in apprentices, offering a range of apprenticeships that provide the formal training and hands-on experience necessary to nurture and mould the next generation of Lander employees.

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Skills & Development

Lander actively prepares the apprentices for roles in a variety of areas via clear progression routes. These areas include maintenance, technical, engineering, quality and logistics, amongst others.

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Path to Success

Lander have had many of our apprentices successfully progress to senior roles within Lander to become experts in their respective fields after 15 years within the company. Line break for a test

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